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1-FTAs: Fabulous, Futile, or Flawed? Click
2-How can India’s Textiles and other Labour Intensive exports benefit from the new FTAs? Click



3. 1-FTAs: Fabulous, Futile, or Flawed?

An evaluation of India’s FTAs and what lies ahead

3. 2-India-Australia FTA

How traders can benefit?

3. 3-High imports from China

Reasons, how to approach the issue beyond rhetoric

3. 4-Trade data for year 2022

Superb export performance in 2022

3. 5-Budget wish list for exports

5 actions to improve trade performance

3. 6-The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)

EU`s Climate Trojan Horse to Obstruct Imports

3. 7. Need for Life Cycle Impact Evaluation for the Electric Vehicles sector

With India's EV space warming up, GTRI recommends life cycle impact evaluation of the EV sector. GTRI has identified 13 issues related to interests of consumers, industry, and the government for such an evaluation.

3. 8. Making E-Commerce Exports a bigger success story than IT

Blueprint for realising India’s E-Commerce Exports Potential

3. 9. GTRI Report on India s imports-Merchandise imports set to touch US$710 billion this fiscal

India’s merchandise imports for the fiscal year ending March 2023 are estimated to touch US$710 billion, up from $613 billion in FY2022, an increase of over 15.8 percent over last year.

3. 10. India’s Foreign Trade set to cross US$ 1.6 trillion mark, accounts for 48% Of GDP

Details of key products and destination markets

4. 1-What Government is doing to promote exports in addition to signing FTAs

GOI is quietly making laws and systems to build a robust industrial and export base. Here are eight key initiatives

4. 2-Myths surrounding the FTAs

GTRI’s findings on the eight common myths surrounding FTAs and the true picture.

4. 3-China sends Global shivers

From the nine percent year-on-year growth for more than four decades to less than three percent now, China braces for an unprecedented slowdown

4. 4-Nothing So Great about India’s FTA with UK

A frank evaluation

4. 5-Volume trends in India’s exports

Exports in 2022 saw a healthy trend with products covering 63% of export value saw an increase in quantity of export

4. 6-GST-Agenda for next phase of transformational growth

Critical changes needed for growth

4. 7-Meaning of budget led Customs duty changes

Import duty changes focus on policy continuity and support Make in India

5. 1-FTAs: Fabulous, Futile, or Flawed?


5. 2-How can India’s Textiles and other Labour Intensive exports benefit from the new FTAs?