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35 Indias FTA with EFTA Article in Hindu
34 Subjectwise snapshot of developement MC13 WTO at Abu Dhabi National nterests trump global trade
33 India stance against "TRIPS-plus" provisions India has consistently safeguarded the interests of its domestic generic drug industry
32 India champions secure and cheaper remittances at the Abu Dhabi Summit WTO does not have specific rules governing remittances
31 At WTO meet, India could face pressure By Jayant Dasgupta and Abhijit Das, Hindu Business Line
30 Securing Food Security at WTO-Discriminatory rules of Agriculture at WTO Hindu Business Line
29 RODTEP benefits to exports from SEZ units Implications
28 Mobile Phone Industry in India: Play the long term game Business Standard-8-2-2024
27 Trade disruptions in the Red Sea Update on the Impact on India
26 Customs needs to simplify language and enhance transparenecy of its notifications Complex language hurts trade
25 PLI scheme-Performance review Hindu Business lIne-26-01-2024
24 President Macrons visit to India as chief uest on Republic day Likely discussion issues
23 Food security-The most important issue for India at the WTO How to break the impasse
22 Budget should not cut import tariffs on parts used to make smartphones Current tariff structure resulted in great growth
21 Red sea shipping disruption Impact on Indias trade
20 India’s Foreign Trade 2023 Key highlights for full year data
19 Irradiation of export products should be done in India and not at the destination country Indias agriulture exports
18 India must not give in to the US pressure to remove import restriction from the Laptop imports Laptop imports
17 The EU moves towards a new paperless Customs System from June 3, 2024 How Indian exporters should become compliant
16 Why Climate efforts fail to cut emissions Climate Change
15 Why Climate effors fail to cut emissions Climate change
14 Industry vs Government: Perils of having differencing voices at global forums Discordent Indian voices at the COP28
13 Limits_to_pushing_renewables HINDU BUSINESS LINE-8-12-23
11 Reshaping India’s export schemes 21-11-2023-HINDU BUSINESS LINE
10 Countdown begins on EU carbon tax 15-9-23-HINDU BUSINESS LINE
9 Green Tax, Black Mark TOI-19-9-2023
8 Exports must clear non-tariff hurdles 29-8-23-HINDU BUSINESS LINE
7 EU’s green rules will derail trade 26-7-23-HINDU BUSINESS LINE
6 Green hydrogen, an expensive option 3-7-23-HINDU BUSINESS LINE
5 EU carbon tax to test India’s mettle 3-5-2023-HINDU BUSINESS LINE
4 PLI Foot Print in India China Trade 19-5-2023-Business Standard
3 Preparing Industry for Carbon Tax 18-4-2023-Hindu Business Line
2 How to boost e-commerce exports 20-3-23-HIndu Business Line
1 Estimating CBAM tax incidence CBAM Tax estimate as share of value