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45 2024-06-18 Addressing the FTA led Spike in Gold and Silver Imports from UAE Burden on Indias Current Account
44 2024-06-17 Economic Transformation Agenda Key Reforms for the New Government
43 2024-05-31 Building Better: Indias Path to Superior Quality Infrastructure How India can enhance its Quality infrastructure to support sustainable growth and competitiveness
42 2024-05-14 Five-Year Review of Indias Merchandise Trade Trade Review for FY 2019-FY 2024
41 2024-05-10 Beyond Import Reduction: Shaping the Future of Indias Toy Industry State of Indias Toy Industry
40 2024-05-01 Quality Concerns could threaten over Half of India’s Spice Exports Crisis in Indias spices trade
39 2024-05-01 Indias Growing Industrial Sector Imports from China Quantification of import increase from China in leading industrial sectors
38 2024-03-14 Indias Approach to Responsible AI Leadership Changes needed in MeitY advisory on AI and LLMs
37 2024-03-14 Red Sea shipping disruptions hit 5-Month Mark Adverse impact on trade data will be visible in the new fiscal
36 2024-02-28 India needs Green Revolution 2.0 to restore healthy crop balance Solutions for sustainability
35 2024-02-28 Strategies to Reclaim Indias Textile Glory Indias Textiles, Garments and Made Ups sector
34 2024-02-22 India-UK FTA Negotiations at final stage. A look at gains to India
33 2024-02-22 Critical Minerals: Indias Roadmap to Self-Sufficiency Critical mineral accessibility are essential for building a self-sustaining hi tech industry
32 2024-02-22 MSP programme at WTO Suggestions for breakthrough at the WTO on the Public Stockholding (PSH) program
31 2024-02-22 India Automobile industry A SWOT analysis, challenges and opportunities
30 2024-01-15 Indias appraoch to Crypto USA allows Bitcoin trading in its stock markets
29 2024-01-09 Indias Challenges in the FTA negotiations with Switzerland and other EFTA Countries Limited gains for India
28 2024-01-07 Indias Footwear Revolution:Marching Towards a $90 Billion Future Eight Action Points for the Industry and the Government
27 2024-01-04 India Agriculture trade Heavy reliance on rice and sugar makes, Indian exports vulnerable to global market fluctuations
26 2024-01-04 India FTA outlook 2024 India will soon have FTAs with 71 countries covering 75% India’s merchandise exports.
25 2023-12-18 Estimates for India’s Foreign Trade 2023 Labor-intensive exports down, electronics up. Get the complete product wise trends
24 2023-12-14 Indias Crucial GVC participation Opportunity India must aim to add $1.2 Trillion to its Foreign Trade via deeper participation in Global Value Ch
23 2023-12-14 India OMAN FTA Gateway to Middle Eastern Markets and Beyond
22 2023-12-14 India’s climate priorities and COP28 To achieve climate goals, India should avoid fancy technologies and costly subsidies and focus on fu
21 2023-12-04 India’s priorities for the Trade Day at COP28 Trade contributes to 3% and not 25% emissions, CBAM and role of WTO
20 2023-12-02 The IPEF Endgame: Negotiation phase practically over for India Pitfalls to avoid
19 2023-12-02 The India-ASEAN Goods Agreement Up for First Review Key issues involved
18 2023-09-26 India's Crucial GVC participation Opportunity India must aim to add $1.2 Trillion to its Foreign Trade via deeper participation in Global Value Chains by 2030. An action plan.
17 2023-09-20 The Chameleon’s deception-How the EU is using the climate argument to subsidise local firms and make imports expensive? Understanding the real nature and impact of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism
16 2023-09-18 E-commerce Exports: No Big Dreams without Banking Reforms How Banks are killing the small e-commerce exporter and are major hurdle in India achieving its ecommerce potential?. The report identifies pain points and suggest specific reforms for RBI and banks.
15 2023-08-22 CBAM-Guide to implementation for transition period starting Oct1, 2023. CBAM imposes onerous data sharing requirements.
14 2023-06-26 Green Hydrogen Options for India Seven Factors Make Green Hydrogen Unsuitable for India Green Hydrogen is not a feasible option
13 2023-04-22 Indian Manufacturing: Course Correction needed for Higher Growth Specific action plan
12 2023-08-01 EU's Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) will hit India’s Agri exports to EU EU using environment to harm trade
11 2023-08-15 India needs Fast Track action on Non-Tariff Barriers to realise trillion-dollar merchandise export target More action needed on Non-Tariff Barriers
10 2023-07-15 German Law to prohibit forced labour and Protect Human Rights in Global Business Supply Chains Selective application of law will harm global trade
9 2023-04-15 The Carbon Border Tax Challenge: 13 Action Points For Government And Industry Carbon Border Tax: Action Points
8 2023-07-12 Export-import cost set to rise from Jan 2027 as global shipping faces costly decarbonisation Measures New global Shipping Regulations
7 2023-08-07 From $12B to $50B: Supercharging India's Medical Device Industry Growth Medical Device Industry
6 2023-05-03 CBAM-Strategy for Indian Steel and Aluminium Industry EU’s Carbon Tax will create trade diversion and disrupt word trade: How industry should prepare
5 2023-02-21 Making E-Commerce Exports a bigger success story than IT Blueprint for India’s E-Commerce Exports
4 2023-03-07 Life Cycle Impact Evaluation for the Electric Vehicles sector 13 issues of interest to consumers, industry, and the government for such an evaluation.
3 2023-03-02 EUs Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism EU`s Climate Trojan Horse to Obstruct Imports
2 2023-12-02 India-Australia ECTA Creating opportunities for Trade in Tough Times
1 2023-12-02 India’s FTAs: Fabulous, Futile, or Flawed? An evaluation of India’s FTAs with ASEAN, Japan and South Korea